Fijian PM Reaffirms One-China Principle and Stresses that Fiji-China Relationship is Strong
2022-08-16 14:38

In an exclusive interview with Radio Tarana on August 15, 2022, Fijian Prime Minister Bainimarama reiterated Fiji’s commitment to the one-China principle and stressed that Fiji-China relationship is strong. The Prime Minister said: 

Let me say that first and foremost, Fiji recognizes China's one-China policy. I want that to be made clear to everyone, we recognize one-China policy. And I also want to say that, China is an important development partner for Fiji and the Pacific. As I have said before, “The Pacific needs genuine partners. We don't need superpowers that are super-focused on power.” I welcome genuine partners who agree to work together on addressing common challenges. 

The climate, COVID, and conflict crisis are not waiting to see who we exchange friendship bands with. As part of the global community of nations, Fiji is committed to building relationships with partners that can work with us in ensuring a resilient recovery and sustainable future for our people. 

As with a number of other partners, Fiji's bilateral relationship with China is strong and includes several areas of mutual cooperation. This year marks 47 years since we established diplomatic relations with China. Over the years, Fiji has engaged in the areas of disaster assistance, education, people-to-people exchanges, capacity building, infrastructure, investment, trade, defense and medical assistance during the global pandemic. 

China has also pledged to address climate change, a critical issue for Fiji and the Pacific. Fiji will continue to work with partners that have green and blue recovery at heart for our people, our national development and our future generations.