Comments by the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Fiji on China-Fiji Police Cooperation
2023-01-27 18:02

Q: It is reported that the memorandum of understanding on police cooperation between China and Fiji will be terminated and the new Fijian government would not entertain a Solomon Islands-style pact to allow China to train Fijian police or military. What is the Embassy’s comments on this?

A: China and Fiji are comprehensive strategic partners featuring mutual respect and common development. China has provided a great amount of selfless and longstanding assistance for Fiji's socioeconomic development, particularly in Fiji’s bad times. The cooperation between our two countries have yielded fruitful results in various fields and brought tangible benefits to our two peoples. China's cooperation with Pacific Island Countries including Fiji never targets any third party, does not interfere in the internal affairs of PICs, and does not seek a so-called "spheres of influence". China has no interest in geopolitical competition, sincerely hopes to help Fiji achieve sustainable development, and welcomes other countries to carry out more cooperation with Fiji. 

We have noticed that Hon. Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka recently stated publicly that China has come in with a blank sheet of paper and seen Fiji as just development partners. He said Fiji and China have shared friendly relations over the last 48 years, thanked China for supporting Fiji, and reaffirmed the Fiji Government’s adherence to the one-China Principle - which is a longstanding international consensus. We hope that the new Fiji Government can continue to regard China as a reliable friend and partner of Fiji, and work with China to promote continuous development of China-Fiji relations, so as to better benefit the two countries and the two peoples.

China has carried out different forms of military and police cooperation with many developing countries whose systems are not same as China, all of which are premised on respecting the wishes and actual needs of the countries concerned. China never imposes its will on others. Over the past years, China-Fiji military and police cooperation has effectively enhanced Fiji's capacity building in related fields. It does not conflict with Fiji's existing bilateral and multilateral cooperation mechanisms, has not brought any harm to Fiji, and has been highly praised by the Fijian side. 

Taking social stability and post-COVID economic recovery as priority, thePICs refer to the international community for more support and resources. As a responsible major country, China has always been there for the PICs. We firmly believe that China-Fiji relations, including the military and police cooperation, will not be disrupted or destructed by any external force.