Adjustment on Regulations of Boarding with Negative Nucleic Acid Test Certificate
2020-09-03 13:33

In an effort to ensure the health and safety of international travels, and to reduce the risk of the cross-border transmission of COVID-19, foreign passengers traveling from Fiji to China via countries(countries applicable: Negative Nucleic Acid Test Certificate for COVID-19 are required must acquire Nucleic Acid test reports for COVID-19 in Fiji and apply for a certification of Health Declaration Form from the Chinese Embassy in Fiji. Airlines at the above-mentioned transfer destination will check the certified Health Declaration Forms of relevant passengers instead of their original test report during check-in or before boarding.


The negative nucleic acid test report for COVID-19 must be issued by the Molecular Lab at Fiji Centre for Disease Control within 3 days before boarding at transit airport. Foreign passengers must send their scanned copies of the passport, COVID-19 negative report and signed Health Declaration Form (see attachment) to the email of the Chinese Embassy ( for certification as soon as they get the report. The Embassy will send back a scanned copy of the certified Health Declaration Form with a stamp to the passengers by email. All passengers are required to board with printed Health Declaration Forms within the valid period and cooperate with airlines for further check. Those who can't duly receive COVID-19 negative reports and obtain valid Health Declaration Forms won't be allowed to board the aircraft and have to adjust their itineraries.