Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Huang Yong at the Hand-Over Ceremony of Textbooks
2013-10-16 07:00

    Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Huang Yong at the Hand-Over Ceremony of Textbooks

                              (October15th 2013, Suva Yat Sen School)

  Mrs. Sin Joan Yee, Chairperson of the Chinese Education Society of Fiji,

  Mrs. Teilai, Principal of Yat Sen School,

  Board of Directors of the Chinese Education Society,

  Teachers and Students,

  Bula good morning!

  I am delighted to join you all today on this occasion to hand over 8,048 “Zhongwen” and “Hanyu” text books to Yat Sen School.

  Nowadays, Chinese language is becoming one of the most important languages in the world with the increasing influence of China in the world. Mastering Chinese will open doors to one fifth of the world’s population. That is a huge advantage. Yat Sen School is the only public primary and secondary school in Fiji that provides Chinese courses. I am grateful to the Board of Directors of Chinese Education Society, the principal and teachers of Yat Sen School for your great contribution in promoting the Chinese language education in Fiji. Chinese Embassy in Fiji values its relations with Yat Sen School. We have provided various support and assistance to Yat Sen School, like Chinese teachers, text books, school band, Chinese Ambassador’s Scholarship. Today, once again, we are going to provide 117 cartons of Chinese text books for you.

  Chinese culture is one of the world’s oldest cultures, which includes a lot of important components, such as language, mythology and spirituality, literature, music, dance, martial arts, architecture, cuisine, etc. Overseas Chinese always remember their culture roots. Chinese in Fiji are no exception. Every year, Yat Sen School and the Chinese Community in Fiji host a variety of activities to promote Chinese culture. Most of you have learned how to perform Chinese traditional dance, like dragon dance, lion dance, fan dance, etc. All these activities not only helped the Fiji-born Chinese to retain their Chinese heritage, but also enhanced the cultural exchanges and mutual understanding of our two peoples. Chinese Embassy will also provide you with some books about Chinese culture and equipments for lion dance later this year.

  The Chinese people are now working toward achieving the Chinese Dream, a dream for the prosperity of the country, the rejuvenation of the nation and the happiness of the people. Overseas Chinese have their advantage in contributing to the realization of the Chinese Dream, to the deepening of China’s reform and to the reunification of the motherland. Still, overseas Chinese can play an important role in promoting friendly exchanges between Chinese and the people from other countries. All of you have your own dreams. Good dreams and unremitting pursuit can guide you to a bright future. So, march forward courageously.

  I am very pleased to know that the winner of the Chinese language competition will go to China to take part in the 6th Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign Secondary School Students in China this weekend. I wish you the best of luck in the competition.

  谢谢!Thank you!Vinaka vakalevu!