Speech by Ambassador Zhang Ping at the Unveiling Ceremony for Guangdong Aid Program in Navua Hospital
(Navua Hospital 17th July, 2017)
2017-07-19 11:13

  Hon. Assistant Minister Alex O’ Connor,

  Director General Duan Yufei and members of Guangdong medical delegation,

  Ladies and Gentlemen,

  Bula Vinake and very good afternoon to you all. It gives me great pleasure to attend the unveiling ceremony of Fiji-China (Guangdong) Medical Training Center and Navua Hospital Emergency Center and witness the handover of medical equipments donated by Guangdong Province of China to the Fijian Ministry of Health.

  First of all, please allow me, on behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Fiji, to extend warm welcome to Mr. Duan Yufei, Director General of Health and Family Planning Commission of Guangdong Province, his delegation and the Guangdong medical team. Thank you very much for bringing the medical team to Fiji.

  As Director General Duan mentioned in his remarks, four ophthalmologists and two rehabilitation therapists in the delegation will operate free cataract surgery and rehabilitation therapy in CWM hospital and Navua hospital respectively during this week. In additions, three doctors from Guangdong Province will station in Navua Hospital to provide three months medical services and training to the local medical workers. In order to help the capacity building of Fijian medical service, and particularly to help to raise the service standards of Navua Hospital, Guangdong Provincial Government has decided to donate a new batch of medical equipments in value of 270,000 FJD to the Ministry of Health and set up Fiji-China (Guangdong) Medical Training Center and Emergency Center in Navua Hospital. The generous assistance offered by Guangdong Province will not only help to relieve the pain and suffering of the patients, but also help to enhance the capacity of Fiji’s medical service, contributing to China-Fiji medical and health cooperation. I wish to take this opportunity to thank the Hon. Assistant Minister, the Ministry of Health and staff members in Navua Hospital for your support and cooperation to Guangdong’s endeavor.

  The medical equipment donation and the establishment of the two centers is another demonstration of the long-term commitment of Guangdong Province to the Fijian people. Over the years, Guangdong Province has actively engaged in exchanges and cooperation with Fiji. For the last 10 consecutive years, Guangdong Province has sent more than 20 batches of medical teams to Fiji to provide free medical treatment for local community. Every year, Guangdong province invites civil servants and professionals from different government sectors from Fiji to attend training programs. At present, three medical workers including one nurse from Navua hospital are receiving training in the top hospitals of Guangdong. Apart from the two centers unveiled today, the Suva Civic center renovation project and the Suva school playground upgrading projects funded by Guangdong are well underway. All these projects carried out by the Guangdong Province, either the infrastructure improvement or the capacity building, are targeted to the urgent needs of Fijian people and have brought real benefits for a better livelihood of its people. I wish to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Guangdong Province for what they have done over the years to the Fijian people.

  The cooperation between Guangdong and Fiji responds to the ideas of the “Belt and Road” Initiative which was proposed by Chinese President Xi Jingping. The B&R Initiative not only emphasizes on infrastructure connectivity, but also on people to people bond. The various projects undertaken by Guangdong Province, including the establishment of the two centers will bring our two peoples even closer together. It will help us to find out more effective ways fitting to the realty of Fiji to deliver more tangible benefits to the Fijian people and elevate our pragmatic cooperation to a new level.

  Last but not the least, I wish give my particular thanks to all the Guangdong doctors. You are serving a noble task of giving care and love to the local community. I hope you will work closely with the local staff to provide service to the best of your ability. I also hope the Ministry of Health and the Navua hospital will do their best to provide continuous assistance and support to our medical team to enable them to do the job properly and to achieve the best outcome of treatment for our Fijian patients. I wish you all the success.

  Thank you!